Mysterium 2017 – August 4-6 • Orlando, FL

Registration is now OPEN. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to register.

For information about our hotel, click here.

For information about the convention schedule, click here.

For information about T-shirts, click here.

NOTE: T-shirts bought online are only available for pickup on-site by attendees. Please note that shirts are only available on-site. Unfortunately, we are not able to ship shirts to non-attendees.

Regular registration prices will be available from June 9th until July 21st:

  • T-shirts will no longer be available for pre-order (after 6/16), but we will have a small number of extras available on-site.
  • All prices will increase by $5 (weekend = $30, one-day = $15).
  • No swag or conbooks will be guaranteed, but we may have extras on-site.
  • No refunds will be available for registrations bought during this period.

After July 21st, all pre-registration will close. It will be possible to register at the door.

Escape Rooms

We have booked several escape rooms for Mysterium attendees on Friday evening at Lockbusters Escape Games, located across the street from our hotel. You can find descriptions of the rooms on their website. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO ARRIVE PROMPTLY AT YOUR TICKETED TIME.

If you wish to do two escape rooms in a row, you are welcome to buy both a 7pm and an 8pm ticket. Note that no refunds are available for escape room tickets.

The facility has told us that they may have a room available for beta testing that they’re happy to make available to us, though not which one. That means the puzzles may be a little harder and the rooms a little less fine tuned, but if anyone can solve them, it’s a group of Myst fans. In the event that no beta rooms are available, the 7pm beta tickets will instead be for “The Collector,” and the 8pm beta tickets will be for “Pirate Adventure.”

Sorry, but there are currently no tickets for sale. Please try again later.